How to Build Arm Muscles in 10 Minutes

Forming arm muscles, not only beautifies the appearance of the body but also makes the body's performance better. Here's how to build healthy arm muscles. Strong arm muscles will make it easier for us to do daily activities, even simple ones, such as reaching objects on a high shelf, carrying groceries, carrying a child, or carrying a stack of clothes. The following set of ways to build arm muscles can be tried at home or between breaks at work. It does not take long, just about 10 minutes per day. But before starting exercise, it is advisable to stretch and warm for 6 minutes to reduce the risk of muscle injury. Bend the upper arm (bicep curls) This movement is suitable to be applied as a preliminary step of the exercise to form arm muscles. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding a bottle of water or dumbbells on both sides of the body. Slowly bend your arms up to the position of the bottle at shoulder level. Hold for a few seconds, then lower back. R
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